Daddy's Girl

Lenticular print series, 2021 

Free Wilk

Performers projected a video from projectors attached on the height of their genitals, dressed up in costumes influenced by animals that symbolise bisexuality in the christian religion, such as the hare and the hyena. The video shows scenes from ‘Nu pogodi’ (Well, Just You Wait!) , a sexually controversial soviet cartoon alongside quotes quotes from the Epistle of Barnabas on animals in relation to christian diet and sexuality. The performers were projecting the video on every surface of the lecture hall, including the visitors, during an artist talk and panel discussion. 'Free Wilk' took place in Katowice, Poland as part of the 3rd Parallax Art Forum 'Stereotypes and Storytelling'.
Panel discussion in collaboration with: Rosie Dahlstrom and Veera Rustomji
Performers / many thanks to: Kornel Lesniak, Izabela Petryla, Przemy Hippler.

Canine kink


A group of eight cheerleaders, one for each letter of my name, arrived in Chelsea College of Arts during the opening of the 2018 Degree Show, cheered my name amongst ‘famous Chelsea alumni’ names and other marketing quotes, mentioned in the university’s website, and danced choreographies on famous pop songs. After 4 hours of delirious cheering, the cheerleaders left the campus. 

Photo credits: David Poultney


Strong Girls Wanted

In 2017, a poster by the title ‘Strong Girls Wanted’ was distributed around London gyms and random people on the street, as part of a wider research of representations of strength and beauty. Amongst other interviewees, Kuka and Lucie two bodybuilders and sisters responded to my call and invited me to take documentation during their morning training at the gym. 'Muscletopia for two' is a project that portrays the personal experience of Kuka and Lucie, two bodybuilding athletes, sisters and partners in both alcohol addiction and sobriety, in terms of beauty standards, the stereotypes of femininity and masculinity, beauty and daily life. 

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